About me…

My name is Nadia. I am a mum of 2 and currently work full time as an Executive Assistant. I was an avid body wash user and discovered that I started to build up an intolerance to some of the preservatives. I decided to start making my own soap for my family. 


I thought ‘how hard can it be??’.  Well, after my first few failed batches, I decided to do an afternoon soap making course at the Seville Community Centre which taught me a great deal about the basics.  I soon started making lots of batches of cold process soap and was loving it! 


Friends and family were asking me to make soap for them as well and told me I should start up an Instagram and Facebook page and advertise on social media.  I am now sharing my love for making soaps with my local community, selling soaps online and at markets when I can get to them.  I have also extended my range and making lip balms and lotion bars.